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    PriceFrom $10.00

    So this is Stephanie,


    She's wearing our Subliminal Work Pant with our Hanes "Wife Beater". We really love stealing from other brands at COLLEMO. We hit the left back pocket with our Subliminal Linocut stamp, as a direct appropriation of the intelectual property of the artist group, LMNL. Art is meant to be controversial so why not? We also have absolutely no money in our company so if any legal teams are reading this, good luck getting a penny out of us!


    The Hanes "Wife Beater", which we threw in quotations just so people don't think we rock with domestic violence at all, are essentially tube tops. It's a size large but to be honest no matter how big or small you are it'll go on with enough effort. Quality on these... eh? I mean it's literally just the walmart pack of em with a linocut COLLEMO stamp. Buy that shit tho its $10...


    *We have absolutely no authority from LMNL, Hanes, or anyone else for that matter to be appropriating their products into our own. But that's lowkey punkrock as fuck.

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