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    PriceFrom $10.00

    Tha OG KP you feeeeeeel me


    Aight so up top, homie is rocking the Sunflower Cyanotee, which is created via sun exposure. The back features the sunflower poster, and the front has a retro logo bloom on the chest. This thing fucks for real. It's a size large and will fit most people comfortably.


    Next we got them Subliminal Jorts. These cut off jean shorts have such an authentic ghetto wash to em, I couldn't help myself. We hit the left back pocket with our Subliminal Linocut stamp, as a direct appropriation of the intelectual property of the artist group, LMNL. These have a 36" waist, so if you’re on the slimmer side you gon’ need the belt with it too.


    The Red Lace Belt is literally just a shoe lace that I stole from the Van's store at the Galleria Dallas. I didn't even try to customize it. But shit.. oh well I guess.


    Lastly homie got them Hanes Crew Socks on. These are really just the pack that you'd buy at walmart, but with our linocut logo stamp on the sides so people know who you rockin' with.


    *We have absolutely no authority from LMNL, Hanes, or anyone else for that matter to be appropriating their products into our own. But that's lowkey punkrock as fuck.

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