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    PriceFrom $10.00

    Genaro AKA Jenny,


    This is my vato for real. Up top we got homie in the Denim Biker Jacket, which features a hand stiched canvas patch on the back, screenprinted from our Summer Breeze shoot. We kept it simple so you can keep it gangster. I wouldn't throw this in the wash/dryer too much tho just cause I know the guy who stiched that patch on... It's a size Extra-Large, so needs somebody with some broad sholders to rock it properly. 


    Underneath we got the Hanes "Wife Beater" which we threw in quotations just so people know we don't rock with domestic violence at all. These things are essentially tube tops. It's a size large but tbh no matter how big or small you are it'll go on with enough effort. Quality on these... eh? I mean it's literally just the walmart pack of em with a linocut COLLEMO stamp. Buy that shit tho its $10...


    And lastly we got them Hanes Crew Socks. These are really just the pack that you'd buy at walmart, but with our linocut logo stamp on the sides so people know who you rockin' with.


    *We have absolutely no authority from Hanes or anyone else for that matter to be appropriating their products into our own. But that's lowkey punkrock as fuck. 

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