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Lifestyles: A solo exhibition from Collin Patrick

Welcome to "Lifestyles," a remarkable pop-up art show held on June 3, 2023, in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC. Curated by Emma Edwoods, this exhibition showcased the extraordinary works of artist Collin Patrick, delving into the everyday urban existence with a unique and captivating perspective.

"Lifestyles" aimed to encapsulate the mundane, awkward, and uncomfortable aspects of our daily lives within bustling urban environments. The exhibition invited visitors to explore the relationships between urbanism and its inhabitants, shedding light on the symbiotic nature of our coexistence.

The core of the exhibition was the "Lifestyles" collection, which showcased Collin Patrick's observations of urban existence. With intricate brushstrokes and thought-provoking visuals, the artwork captured the essence of everyday life, inviting viewers to contemplate their own experiences within the urban fabric.

Among the featured works, the "City Blocks" series took a distinctive approach, examining the complex web of urban development. Through angular perspectives and nuanced compositions, the artist skillfully explored the interplay between architectural design, human presence, and the evolving nature of our cities.

The exhibition also presented the captivating "Character Development" series, where Collin Patrick breathed new life into upcycled mediums. By transforming discarded materials into captivating forms, the artist introduced a vibrant and unconventional twist to the collection. Each piece reflected the diversity and vitality of the urban experience, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty that emerges from unexpected sources.

"Lifestyles" wasn't just an art show; it was a social event that brought together like-minded individuals. Attendees enjoyed an evening filled with engaging conversations, delectable food, and signature cocktails while immersing themselves in the captivating artworks. The event created an atmosphere conducive to mingling with fellow creatives and fostering connections. During the event, Collin Patrick himself mesmerized the audience with a heartfelt spoken word performance, further enriching the immersive experience. The impact of the exhibition was evident through the sale of the artwork "Appraisal Value" to a private collector. Additionally, several limited edition prints from the series "The Weekend Tourist," all personally signed by the artist, found new homes.

"Lifestyles" was a remarkable journey through the intricacies of contemporary urban existence, brought to life by the artistic vision of Collin Patrick. It offered visitors a unique perspective on the mundane, the awkward, and the uncomfortable aspects of our daily lives. The exhibition was an opportunity to engage with peers, sharing and visualizing the multifaceted tapestry of urban life.

To inquire about acquiring or exhibiting Collin Patrick's captivating works, please visit the artist's official website and reach out through the "Contact" page. Don't miss out on the chance to embrace the unconventional, confront discomfort, and find solace in the beauty that arises from the convergence of humanity and the urban lifestyle.

We'll see you at the next one!


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